So I addapt. Search Results: Paints / Paints Enamels / Testors 1/2oz Military 1 thru 32 of 46 items Yes this is correct that we are discontinuing the Model Masters and Aztek products. If a paint brand requires all sorts of additional steps and additives to get best results, I’m gonna pass. This isn’t the first time modelers have had to change how they paint their rolling stock. Don't let it hurt-I'm in that group, too, vintage 1964. … Keep pulling selection and desireability and lower quality to save money and eventually create a negative market, then kill a product! $2.07. Available Sizes. 837 mates are fan of these paints from Testors. Les meilleures offres pour Boyd Citron Vert Pearl 52907 Testors 3 oz (environ 85.05 g) émail Spray Paint (interrompu) sont sur eBay Comparez les prix et les spécificités des produits neufs et d'occasion Pleins d'articles en livraison gratuite! John l johnson putt putt. Washes off your brush with soap and water! P.O. Gosh, that's sad too. I found the quality dropped with modelmaster. To that, we are evolving our strategy to focus more keenly on Testors, our flagship brand and are discontinuing our Pactra, Az tek, and Model Master Brands as … Testors ENAMEL PAINT Stop Light Red - Metallic. Oh, and it's not labeled DunkelGrau etc.! Testors 3 oz. Colours are intermixable with all Model Master enamel paints. This is the core modelers brand of choice, offering the most complete system of modern and historical paint colors and accessories available today. Don, Testors wrote me back and they are only making Testors line of Enamels, no Model Master products what so ever. That's bound to happen in any human endevour. I really enjoy those. johnjack. $2.07. Probably turned off more first time a/b users that brought on board. There is now a generation of paint that works in the a/b straight from the bottle, is not spirit based, and covers well. Discontinued Testors Model Master Paints -- Updated/Corrected. Their 200 shades of aircraft gray and armor greens was probably their downfall. And that nostalgia or custom is still powerful today, though probably not powerful enough to keep the core buying from them. This list of discontinued Model Master bottled paints was recently posted on ARC; I have checked it against Testors' web site, and here are my findings. Living in a houshold where I am the only one without serious allergies, I cannot spray unless it's outside. Model Masters Enamel Imperial Japan Army Navy Green 2116 1/2 oz. I am not sure if everyone already knows but the Model Master and their metalizers are being discontinued. Wow--great dissertation. 4.3 out of 5 stars 98. Add product to wishlist. Here is their response on Facebook, you can read it under visitors comments. Buy It Now. 5 bids. It is lead-free, easy to apply and dries quickly, so smudges and blemishes become a thing of the past. Our community is FREE to join. stocks the complete Model Master Acrylic and Enamel Paint for Plastic Model Kits. M.M. I can still take a Very old bottle of Yellow( Quite transluscent, it is!) This has happened so many times in our corporate sectors,our business model is a joke in other parts of the world. Purchase the Testors® Metallic Enamel Paint at Michaels. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Tamiya just came out with an enamel paint line up. It was denounced as a fake in that forum because the announcement was from "The Testor Corporation" not "Testors." , recently announced that it was discontinuing its Model Master acrylic, Pactra spray and Aztek airbrush paint brands so that it could focus more on other products. We wanted our cars to look good so we used pactra. " Fernando Pichardo tripotico. Testors is a dinosaur that can't compete. After opening, they would tend to dry up. sure there were duds. bottles of enamel and spray enamels will continue for now. Click on each colour swatch to take you to the corresponding order page. Thanks to my LHS. Testors is going to > discontinue Model Master paint. No Brush Marks". Testors 9146XT Promotional Enamel Paint Set( Packaging may vary) 4.7 out of 5 stars 3,223. 00. Plus they had some gorgeous colors like Electric Teal and Chinese Red( Which was more like a " Royal Wine color"). Rust-Oleum, which owns. That's bound to happen in any human endevour. I just purchased a ton of lacquer paints made by AK-Interactive. A shame that Testors killed the brand. Now, in the lead article the writer mentions Pactra. Testors Thinners and Coatings. But, my go to base for Client builds was Testors Model Master. Add product to wishlist. The Testors line of paints, both enamel and acrylic, are still being manufactured and there are plans to expand the color lines. tek, and Model Master Brands as the demand for these products continue to decline. And Testors Enamel Paint Markers are available individually or in 3-pack sets. This all-purpose flat enamel paint from Testors gives a neat finish to your craft and model projects. Tamiya, well all of a sudden they have their own thinner and brush cleaner. Testors ENAMEL PAINT Stop Light Red - Metallic. I also emailed Testors and wait for the their response. Sky King. They are great for airbrushing and with a drop of retarder, they brush just fine. I think there is overlap between the core customer base for MM as for Squadron, again, because Squadron was the mail-order hobby supplier, when we were younger. Testors Corporation, Floquil & Floquil PollyScale Paints to be Discontinued. Latest Updates. No tape pull-off and the colors went on with no Brush Marks either! As a manufacturer of paint products, we have a long history of producing hobby kits and supplies. Other options New and used from $12.99. According to what you linked it is the acrylic MM paints that are being discontinued. Reply. I currenrly have a good supply of those. I fully agree about Polly Scale. It is lead-free, easy to apply and dries quickly, so smudges and blemishes become a thing of the past. From United States. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at I'll miss them also. Quick view. 9,135 1,361. Spokesperson Vince Pierri said that demand for the discontinued brands has been on the decline for a number of reasons including “aging demographics, less interest among younger audiences and the fact that most model trains now come pre-painted.” While the company will no longer be producing those types of paint, Pierri said the company will remain dedicated to the model and hobby market. I do use a lot of these when building my models. Testors Model Building Paint Kit. LARRY BOWERS LARRYB. From United States . (Please forgive me if I'm getting some info wrong here.) Has anyone else heard of this? “We will continue to support the hobby market with a robust line of aerosols, brush paints, tools and accessories and are always looking for opportunities to innovate in these categories,” he said. I've never been an acrylic fan except for hand brushing, so I turned to Gunze lacquer. Includes American, British, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Modern Armour (Gulf War) colours. They just are no longer making specific military colors. enamel paints come in over 45 popular colors in the Iconic glass bottle. Then I read folks are using Lacquer thinner on Acrylic Lacquer. $2.07. Testor paints, glues, airbrushes and accessories are sold world-wide and are still proudly made in the USA. Outside U.S. 660-695-4433. Founded in the 1930s by Nils Testor in Rockford, Ill., Testors’ glue and paint products have been a staple of the hobby industry for generations. Nothing about the enamel line. Pierri said it is hard to determine how much longer it will remain on the shelves at various retailers around the country. List price: Previous Price C $11.46 20% off. I use that on my figures! Rust-Oleum, the parent company of Testors, has decided to cancel all hobby paints. #scale_model_crazy #scalemodelcreations All day Saturday with my friends! Wasn't Acrylic supposed to mean easy clean up with water ? #scale_model_crazy #scalemodelcreations Quick buy. I was a die hard fan, but I got so frustrated with the short shelf life, and I was having issues with even their thinner when airbrushing. Testors DID NOT buy out Floquil and they had NOTHING to do with Floquil being discontinued (or Poly Scale either). The 9580D International Military & Figure Enamel was recently discontinued due to the lack of support for it in the marketplace, however the Model Master paint line as a whole is still available: I have been modelling so many years that severl companies are not around way back when I started. Nothing about the enamel line. A number of online retailers were still selling the discontinued paints this week. It's been gone since I came back from " The Nam", quote user="Tanker-Builder"]This is what I never understood about American Companies. Internet Hobbies will strive to complete your paint order as fully as possible. FREE Shipping. I hate to see them go, but at least there are plenty of alternatives available. Quick view. Their original Acrylics were superior. Rust-Oleum, the parent company of Testors, has decided to cancel all hobby paints. The big problem with these new acrylics is each brand requires their own support system. Duane Ridge Monte02. Recently, by accident, I learned that Testors Corporation is plaining soon to discontinue the manufacture of Regular Floquil and Polly Scale Railroad Paints.