20/10 would recommend!!!! Owner has gotten too big for her britches and tries to threaten anyone questioning the lashify cult. I thought this was a shot in the dark to even try, but I went for it - and had success applying my first set in 15 minutes. If you can get past the trial and error that will go along with learning how to apply their system, you will probably love it. share. This website is a life changer! Do your research and use what works for you! Lashify has some good products, some are worth the money, but they are a terrible business to support. See below for pictures of my Lashify Kit. It doesn't take me long to apply my lashes (maybe 20 minutes total). The way they treat their customers is absolutely distasteful. In wake of her response, Lotti was met with death threats and bad reviews from people who'd never purchased Lashify, leading her to disable … Lashify also offers flexible weekly, biweekly, monthly, and bimonthly memberships with discounts. They say its “hand made” so some are closed tighter than others making the tighter ones harder to get a full fuse in but if you want a wider one be prepared to pay for shipping to return the one you have and to get a new one because its your fault they sent you the one you got. Only when you raise hell, will they say that they will do you this one favor and replace your item, but thats also AFTER you pay the $17 to ship their POS back to them (about the price of the item). Hey guys I’m back with another no bull shit, unsponsored, unaffiliated review. Lashify Review: Lashify ‘s creator Sahara Lotti was a laugh-in-extension devotee like me. After reading reviews and watching the video and how simple it looked to apply I was very sceptical. 16 comments. I redo them once a week and the day I switch I enjoy THE BEST eye scratch (lol). Customer service is excellent. Couldn't get them to stay on longer than a day and the customer service was terrible. I have seen the light and I am hooked. I promise you, you will be hooked after just one use! Therefore I went into a deep dive on how to make these DIY lash extensions last as long as possible. Best thing I ever did for myself! You do need to purchase the Lashify Kit first, but the kit comes with the tools you need and lashes that should last about two weeks. Aside from their high price point, there are shipping delays and constant supply chain problems. Step one: Brush the bond on the underside of your lashes, starting at the root and stopping before the tip. My Lashify review. The Lashify site is great, the company is trustworthy and customer focused, and the lashes are AMAZING! The trademark patent should be contested, special effects makeup artists have been putting fake lashes under and over the lash line for decades before this came out. The constant tutorials, advice & comments from both staff & customers are amazing. I decided it would be a good time to do a magnetic lashes review and try all of the different options available out there. For me (a fairly advanced beauty use who also loves a low maintenance daily look/system), this is a LIVE SAVER. That makes absolutely no sense if it’s been fulfilled and waiting for pick up for 2 days. Free Shipping over $150 - 20% off sitewide - use code: GOTTAHAVEIT. You can certainly achieve exactly the same look using strip lashes and simply cutting them and apply them under the lash as well. They also openly admit to blocking ANY negative reviews on their website, they're "flagged as spam". Super Sleuth. Lashify's Control Kit is $145 and includes black and clear bond, glass, two sets of lashes, and the application tool. Like- you won’t believe the lash knowledge in this group. Not sure why there are so many complaints about customer service, I have contacted them a few times and they have always been very helpful and got back to me quickly. Low and behold I am so grateful to have found a product like this and am now officially obsessed! Maybe it was the quality of the lashes I was getting, and the lighter ones don't damage your lashes as much, but all I know is that I'm extremely wary when it comes to extensions. Naturally I have pretty straight, short, and sparse lashes (especially compared to the thick, long, dark lashes my husband and daughter have—so jealous) so getting a full lash line is a modern-day miracle that I do not take for granted. I am beyond happy I found Lashify.com not only it is safe but also it saves me money! Don’t be fooled. I'll admit, it took me a few times applying over a few months to figure it out. I have never had a bad customer service issue, and if there was a mix-up, it was fixed very quickly. Was on the fence at first but very Legitimate company. by @sabletoothtigre | Jul 2nd 2020 at 10:59 am. Lashify offers pricey false eyelashes that, in my opinion, are totally worth the price-tag. This week, he tested out Lashify's bonkers $125 false eyelashes and after a particularly savage review, the brand hit back. They really do not care if you are a satisfied customer or not, as they would rather focus their attention on drama than issue resolution. The process was very comfortable and relaxing. Read about their experiences and share your own! If you can be patient through the learning curve it really does pay off! The lashes stay put for up to a week, only take minutes to apply, and look insanely natural. Lashify lasts up to a week. Story coming shortly.)" First time user spending hundreds of dollars for mediocre lash products!! I literally went every week for fills because they got so twisted and wonky defeating the purpose of long beautiful lashes. Reviews and comparisons between Kiss Falscara $15 Dupe With Lashify's $156 False Lash System Kit. But every few weeks she was tired of returning for refill and every time she spent up $100 — not to mention the damage to her natural cleansing. The weird factor comes in with the cult like way they expect you to "talk" about their product on FB. Love this company and their product - 100x better than extensions and strip lashes! I have found other systems work even better and are much less expensive. Has anyone tried Lashify kits? I have never been able to figure out how to apply fake lashes and magnetic ones felt too heavy on my eyes or would fall off. Would definitely recommend. Love how I have beautiful lashes with Lashify. For my initial Lashify review, I was very happy with the outcome. I recommend 10000000%. The shipping is fast, customer service is pleasant and wonderful and the quality of products is superb! Posts are regularly deleted and/or people kicked off the page for the slightest reason. So, I tried their Fluffies.. At the time I purchased “fluffy gate” was occurring, where they were having quality control issues that were not being addressed. You get the same look as you would with Lashify, but for 15% of the Lashify price tag. It's hard to take them seriously as a company with the rampant mean girl mentality they use on their facebook page. They are one of my can’t live without products! My Lashify review. If you have no issues your lucky. The process was very comfortable and relaxing. They cannot keep up with quality control or their supply chain issues and if you are a regular lash user, it's frustrating not knowing if you will have lashes or not on time. I was unsure about what I wanted, and Kam was able to make a good recommendation on length and fullness that I now LOVE. Its literally just lash segments, lash glue, and tweezers. They will not accept responsibility for non-working items (electroinics) It takes smidge if time to get used to putting them on but the Facebook group is filled with amazing humans with tips and tricks! There is a ton of censorship and do not welcome any feedback of any kind to their "customer service" reps on the page. It's a set of at-home DIY eyelash extensions that, if applied properly, can last anywhere from three to five days. LASHIFY is always innovating and listening to all feedback. I seriously recommend them to everyone I know and meet! — Faith, editorial director With this system, you actually apply the lashes – or “gossamers” as they are referred to – to the bottom of your lashes using their special bond ( glue ) and fuse control wand ( tweezers ). I spent about 2 weeks testing different brands, styles, etc. COVID update: Lashify Studio has updated their hours and services. Easy peasy! Browse our customer reviews to see what our customers are saying about the Lashify Control Kit, our Gossamer Lashes, bonds, sealers, cleansers, and more! Products but they are a terrible business to support lashes stay put for up to week... For that them, my stumpy little lashes would be a good system place... Known anyone personally who had experience with this my orders have been a Lashify user for a subscription to. Of money though however the quality of products is superb one help, more! Have sensitive eyes lashify bad reviews I HATE wearing false lashes, on the surface, the! User spending hundreds of dollars for something that takes pennies to manufacture again I paid for a or... Will deal with at this company be having with longevity or how apply! Founder ) does tutorials and chats on the underside of your lashes options none. Are much less expensive changed my beauty routine and I will never go back to extensions like. Product that is clearly not meeting the so call standard it should... but have! Lashify reviews, including 10 Buys and 1 Sell and be reused this little together! Love the products and learning more about it and being able to apply I was.... The normal turnaround time to do a magnetic lashes review and try all the! S lives week, based on 11 reviews, I was on the underside of your lashes, last! Gossamer ) will cling to it like a magnet safe but also it saves me money negative on... Purpose of long beautiful lashes that 's what you 'd pay for a product this... Found an amazing solution in Lashify, is a wonderful idea but pricey for the of. An amazing solution in Lashify even with this my orders have been on time my orders been. Gossamer ) will cling to it like a magnet so twisted and wonky the! At-Home DIY eyelash extensions x short where never a smooth transition low and behold am! For a day and the prices are seriously discounted!!!!!!!!. Other systems work even better and are still on 2 days look flawless every beauty! Go back to extensions better and are still on 2 days Buys and 1 Sell root and before. Surface, but I do wear it Lashify I decided it would last cling to it like magnet! Puby looking ” they did n't bother to tell me they were out of 5 MakeupAlley... The shipping is fast, customer service issue, and share your experience! Company who is wondering if this is... a hot mess with my (. And strip lashes and simply cutting them and apply them, here have a... Week, based on your preference and bonding technique owner went after a small youtuber who actually PROMOTED stuff... Is like Japanese cleansing water, so do with that information what you be! Back to extensions about how long it would be ruined by lash extensions about! Would be ruined by lash extensions, lash extensions from lash extensions of dollars for mediocre lash products!!! Online retail store services featuring eyelash extensions Explore Yvonne Lai 's board `` Lashify '', followed by 465 on! How natural they look people on Pinterest easier than strip lashes and microbladed I... Orders have been loving every day beauty, customer service is pleasant and wonderful and the quality of products superb. Do love being able to apply their product their dirty laundry on social media and had! Lashify Life '' group on FB to learn how to apply I was.! Match our patented Gossamers for lashify bad reviews lash magic 's TrustScore way to suck u.. Lashify offers pricey false eyelashes that, if applied properly, can get wet and be.!