White flour, vegetable shortening, milk, salt, yeast, sugar and butter. ©1997,1998,1999,2000,2001,2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015 $5.25 / Container. Original Austrian Kornspitz! Founded in 1983, Heidelberg Bread Company is dedicated to producing the finest breads. $2.25 Plain cream cheese Lemon, chocolate, almond or raspberry. Specialty cakes have three layers of cake with two layers of fillings. and delicious wedding cakes have made the weddings of hundreds of couples Enjoy the cozy and relaxed atmosphere Prices subject to change without notice. Any changes in the number of servings, flavors or decoration must be made no later than two weeks before the wedding. Unbleached flour, yeast, sour, water and salt. Serves 20-25 – $125.00 (Additional servings @ $7.25/person), The Cheesiest Combination $15.00 extra for each photograph, logo or design. $8.75, Veggie with Cheese………… Cream cheese, slices of Swiss, muenster, provolone, sprouts, olives, green peppers, hot peppers, onions, lettuce, tomato, salt and pepper, oil & vinegar on your choice of bread. MINI BAGELS .70¢ Whole grain rye, sourdough, wheat gluten, yeast and salt. = $4.35 / 2 lb. Cake Covering: Marzipan or Pastiache (rolled white fondant). For nearly fifty years our bakers use only the finest ingredients available Please give us at least one week’s notice to schedule an appointment and prepare your 3 sample slices. Full Sheet $350.00. About Us Food Safety Careers Suppliers Press Inquiries Request a Store Credit Blog Gift Card. Size .80¢, Mini .50¢ Cake Filling: Marzipan, Cream Cheese. Vanilla buttercookie with icing and a photo design. ICING – Chocolate, Vanilla (white), Mocha (coffee), Hazelnut, Lemon, Orange or Raspberry. Pigs and Frogs……………………………$5.25 2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016Heidelberg $7.50. Vanilla, chocolate, marble, spice. In case of cancellation before 2 weeks, there will be a $100.00 service fee. Blueberry, pumpernickel, cinnamon raisin, eight grain, everything, honey wheat, onion, plain, poppyseed, sesame seed. = $3.99 / 2 lb. Just ask if the empty seat is taken. Each item shows the bakery name and location, their specialties, a short description and user's rating (if available). GROUP “F” BREADS 1 lb. RUGULAH $12.50 lb CROISSANTS REGULAR $1.80 Only the best, healthiest ingredients in our bread with none of the bad stuff! Your choice of plain, sesame or poppyseed. Small serves 10-15 – $37.50 Large serves 20-25 – $62.50, Spinach Dip in a Bread Bowl Indianapolis has a large German community with several German clubs, dances, sports and even an authentic German butcher shop. Miniature French Pastries……………$2.25 * Seasonal (October – December Only) Irish Soda Bread………………………$6.50 Chocolate Mousse Pie, a graham cracker crust with chocolate cake, topped with creamy dark chocolate mousse. Our wonderful bread with assorted fillings of Tuna, Chicken Salad, Ham & Swiss, and Cucumber & Cream Cheese. Popeye’s Passion Spinach Dip, Cayenne Cheese Spread, Thrill of Dill Dip and Ginger Curry Spread. BAKERY SHOWROOM. Size .80¢ White flour, sour, salt and yeast. Pictures are reproduced using food colors and therefore have limitations in matching colors exactly, especially the red tends to be more of an orange-red. CIABATTA………1 lb. yellow cake with fresh strawberries, strawberry whipped cream mousse. We accept all major credit cards. We make miniature eclairs, napoleons, cream puffs, fruit tarts and mousse cups. Apple almond strudel with pie crust, Chocolate cake with mocha (coffee) buttercream icing, decorated with chocolate shavings and mocha beans. 1997,1998,1999,2000,2001,2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013, Yellow or chocolate cake with buttercream icing with sprinkles……………$2.50 We sincerely hope that you and your friends will always have an enjoyable visit with us in our little German "General Store". $7.50. Get delivery from Heidelberg Pastry Shop super-fast to your door. Whole grains of barley, oats, millet, corn, rye and wheat flours, sesame, linseed, sourdough, yeast and salt. Classic German white roll. Yellow cake with raspberry jam filling and a light, fluffy blend of whipped cream, lemon and cream cheese frosting. Rheinlander Bakery is located in Colorado, in the heart of historic Olde Town Arvada a suburb of Denver. On our small soft Rolls, filled with your choice of Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef, Tuna Salad, Chicken Tarragon or Chicken Curry, with Lettuce, Mustard, Mayonnaise, optional Cheese. = $3.25 / 2 lb. European style almond sponge cake with chocolate chips baked in, raspberry jam filling, chocolate buttercream icing, covered with chocolate shavings. Your choice of plain, poppyseed or sesame seeds on top. Puff pastry dough with fillings of cheese, raspberry or apricot jam. HEIDELBERG*………… Medium and white rye whole grain flour, white flour, sour dough, sunflower seeds, salt and yeast. Welcome to the well known bakery Old Heidelberg Bakery which sells the best baking specialities in the vicinity of Phoenix (Arizona). Most of our decor in the store is from Germany and we still collect and buy antique German items. Carrot Cake…………………………. BAGELS .90¢ Also remember, that we still have hundreds of nice Size $1.05 MUESLI BREAD…………Whole wheat, oat bran, raisins, dried apricots, nuts, brown sugar, cinnamon, yeast and salt. Serves 20 – $ 59.95 $8.75 Robert Wimberger, who founded the business with his wife, Gisela, was originally a baker in Germany. We do this by pairing excellent customer service with high quality breads, made using only the finest ingredients. Our platters and baskets also make the perfect gift for any … Whole wheat roll with sunflowerseeds. If you wish to save the top layer, either order 10 additional servings or an extra 6″ cake that we will deliver in a separate box for $45.00. Traditionally a Groom’s Cake is something chocolate, but we offer a variety of flavors, one of which is sure to please him. Please provide 48 hours notice for Internet Orders! Small serves 10 – $54.95 Large serves 20 – $78.95, Vegetable Tray Rich and chocolaty! $7.50. Sourdough, Jewish Rye, Light Rye, Pumpernickel, Onion Rye. MULTI GRAIN ROLL Reg. Mousse cakes are not available in 6”. The Heidelberg Haus Cafe, Bakery and Giftshop is normally open 7 days a week with the following exceptions: New Year's Day Easter Sunday Mother's Day Indy 500 Race Day Memorial Day 4th of July Labor Day Thanksgiving Day December 25th December 26th … Not available in 6” or 8”. SIX GRAIN*………………One of our most popular! Cake Decoration: View some of our selections in our wedding cake gallery or come in and look at our design book. Mousse Pastry……………………….$4.95 Includes Mustard, Mayonnaise, Pickles and four one pound breads. Assorted Cheese cubes (Cheddar, Muenster, Swiss and Brie), plus seasonal fresh fruits (grapes, kiwi, strawberries) $15.95 / serving, 2lb Oktoberfest Pretzel DECORATION Lemon Mousse: Small cream puff shells filled with Chicken Tarragon, Chicken Curry, Tuna, or Liverwurst. Meringues Prices subject to change without notice. ... Coq Au Vin near me Dum Biryani near me De Camaron near me Panfried Noodles near me Mostaccioli near me. https://heidelbergbakery.com/employment/. White flour, butter, milk, eggs, raisins, yeast, salt and sugar. Cinnamon crumb or lemon poppyseed. 09/17. reserved. BUTTERCREAM CAKES – MADE TO ORDER Running Fox Farm, Canterbury, NH, Pippa Middleton, NH Dept. *Pumpkin………………..$14.25 Two layers of yellow pound cake with two layers of Bavarian custard filling, topped by an assortment of fresh fruit, covered with a light glaze, sliced almonds on the sides. Let me thank you for visiting our Web page www.heidelberghaus.com. . $7.45 Whole grain flour, sour dough, yeast and salt. WRITING – No extra charge to write a short message. Size $1.05, Mini .60¢ We can reproduce a color photograph of a person on a cake using food colors. Especially wood carvings and springerle molds. In Germany, bread is a much more important part of day-to-day cuisine. Rugulah…………………………………$12.50 lb If you are ever in Indianapolis, we hope you will come to visit us at Marzipan, pastiache, or smooth chocolate truffle. Raspberry Mousse: Jessica’s Brick Oven is a wholesale Artisan Bakery in North Andover, MA. BAGEL Reg. Tuna, Buffet Ham, Cheese*, Egg Salad, $7.75 Oval in shape, crusty, soft inside. PARKERHOUSE ROLL Reg. We require that the order and picture be placed at least one day in advance. $8.75, Turkey Reuben……………… Pastrami turkey, warmed with sauerkraut, onion slices and Swiss cheese, on toasted Jewish rye bread, with mustard and horseradish, 1000 island dressing. Not available in 6” or 8”. $7.50. FT Baker’s Helper Our Pastry Shop started out as “Pete’s Bakery” in 1975. German Language Video Center - All rights reserved. Heidelberg Cakes Reviews. = $7.50. Serves 20 – $95.00. $ .50 additional per serving for each one of the following: Cake Flavor: Chocolate Poundcake, Marble Poundcake or Vanilla with Chocolate Chips Small serves 10 – $62.50 Large serves 20 – $82.50, Cubed Fruit Tray 3” Portrait Cookie………………………$5.95 Cream cheese dough with a filling of cinnamon, raisins & nuts or raspberry. Wheat flour, buttermilk, eggs, baking soda, raisins, sugar, vegetable shortening, caraway seeds. Apple with Caramel & Nuts ……………$16.95 A wonderful assortment of French pastries awaits the discriminating palate: Asst. Also available in uncut sheetcakes: DESIGN YOUR OWN. Vanilla buttercookie with icing and a photo design. MARBLE BREAD…………A swirl of light rye and pumpernickel. Both are moist and delicious. 2lb. CAKE – Yellow or Devils Food Chocolate Click Here for Menu. to the building several times, but also enlarged our imported gift and 0. Visit Heidelbergcafe.com Size 1.80¢, Mini .85¢ Thin slices of Ham, Turkey breast and Roast beef. Show 30 * Timeslot discounts may vary from week to week. PRE-DESIGNED CAKES. Computerized Color Portraits and Logos No refunds after the 2 week deadline. Heidelberg Bread Frankfort NY 13340. Plain without raisins. (www.germanvideo.com), Our German Lanuage Video Center studio can transfer your VHS tapes to DVDs, PAL to NTSC, and MC to CD, and even repair broken VHS tapes.>. chocolate cake with dark chocolate mousse and yellow cake with white chocolate mousse, with dark and white chocolate shavings. 2150 N. Culpeper Street, Arlington, VA 22207, Tel (703) 527-8394 Fax (703) 528-5061, Hours: Tues –Fri 6:30am – 6:30pm, Saturday 8:00am – 5:00pm, Sunday 8:00am – 1:00pm, Closed Monday. General Info Are you hungry for a taste of the Old Country? Cherry……………………………………$17.95 Pumpkin Walnut. Cracked wheat, whole wheat, malted barley flour, wheat bran, honey, vegetable shortening, molasses, milk, yeast, salt, corn flour, soya flour, rye flour, flax seed meal, wheat gluten. 2150 N. Culpeper Street, Arlington, VA 22207, Tel (703) 527-8394 Fax (703) 528-5061. Portrait Cupcakes (order in 12’s)………$42.00, 9” Deep Dish Pies 1lb. 2150 N. Culpeper Street, Arlington, VA 22207, Tel (703) 527- 8394 Fax (703) 528-5061. Square, folded over soft buttery yeast roll. Dense whole grain pumpernickel. Croissant Donuts available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays Only. Blueberry & cheese, strawberry & cheese, Superior Bakery, Inc. is a company based out of 72 Main Street, North Grosvenordale, Connecticut, United States. Laugen Pretzel – Jumbo size to share. 8-15 servings – $59.95, Pretzel Dip Tray There is no extra charge for cheese or garnishes. = $4.75 / 2 lb. COVERINGS – Extra Charge applies Cake Filling: Mousse** (chocolate, white chocolate or strawberry), Chocolate Truffle FILLINGS – Extra Charge applies gourmet food item selection from Germany. WHEEL OF ROLLS $34.95 Our artisan breads are all natural and made with the highest quality Kosher ingredients. *Cream cheese and butter are available by the pound. CARROT CAKE If you would like a box for the top layer or leftover cake, please request it when you are placing your order. ****************************************************************. Don’t forget to check out our Gallery of Wedding Cakes. French Peasant Bread Our Fav While visiting family, we had tried Heidelberg bread during a meal. POPPY HORN Reg. Individual Cheesecakes………………$4.95, Brownies with nuts or sprinkles…….$1.90 MINI CROISSANTS REGULAR .85¢ Order Online Tickets Tickets See Availability Directions {{::location.tagLine.value.text}} Sponsored Topics. If the design has been Registered, Trademarked, or Copyrighted we are not allowed to reproduce it. CARROT*………………… Multi-grain bread made with carrots, flax seeds and sunflower seeds, salt and yeast. Once you step in our store you feel like you are in a German antique bakey and museum. heidelbergbakery at comcast.net, We Are Hiring! Let Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe be part of your special day! Wheat flour, rye sour, whole wheat flour, wheat gluten, barley flour, yeast, salt, dried cranberries, walnuts. Fondant bows on the sides are $25.00 each, on top or between layers $45.00 each. 6″ $35.00, 8″ $50.00, 9″ $65.00, 12″ $95.00, 1/4 sheet $95.00, 1/2 sheet $185.00, Full sheet $350.00. Lemons, Limes, Apples, Pears, Peaches and Oranges, Strawberries, Bananas. Sunday, holiday and evening deliveries will be extra. 8” Moussse Pies…………….…………………$19.95 We bring you the finest German and European baked goods, cakes, wedding cakes, layer tortes. Accompanied by slices of Muenster and Swiss Cheeses. 09/19, Hours: Tues. – Fri. 6:30am – 6:30pm, Sat. Other decorating options you may select one of the following: nuts, cherries, mocha beans, chocolate shavings, sprinkles, balloons, filigree border or candied fruit slices. MULTI-GRAIN*…… Oats, barley, wheat, cornmeal, sesame seeds, flax seeds, millet, rye malt, wheat gluten, water, yeast, sunflowerseeds, salt and sourdough. Size .80¢, Mini .50¢ Banana Walnut. TRUFFLE TORTE Your choice of plain, poppy or sesame on top. Strawberry Mousse: DINKEL BROT…… Spelt (whole meal, flakes, wholegrain sourdough), sunflower seeds, rye flour, sugar, potato flakes, salt, buttermilk powder, water, yeast, oats.