In North America (assuming), it means thin-skinned, hoofed game averaging under about 350 pounds in live weight (deer, pronghorn, sheep, goats, black bear and most feral hogs). Even a basic ML AR-10 A2 comes in at 8.5lbs before optics and ammo; FL AR-10’s are over 9lbs. I don’t plan on shooting competition going through a hundred rounds in a session. Reliability * * * * Capable for dear but am unable to hunt dear with this in my region. That first .243 was the standard model with a 24-inch barrel, and shortly after buying it, I added a Model 70 Varmint with a 26-inch heavy barrel to my small battery. However, there is a limit. I don’t get the logic. Not gold medal qualification but damn impressive for the little gun not having anything done to it but added $125 simmons 44mag 3x12x44 scope to sit on top. (I can think of dozens of names to call them right back.) This makes no sense to me. The 243 I floated the barrel and made trigger adjustments. Until someone told me that my stock was shitty, I didn’t even notice. It is light and fast. I’ll find out this week. But it seems to me that you’ve spent more time reading statistics off of ammo boxes and websites than in the field. Speaking of shotguns, way back in the early 1970’s when I took a job in law enforcement I bought one of the original Hi Standard Model 10A’s. In UT, CO, AZ, NM, etc. I already have the harmonics under control to the point that the vibration “dead zone” is located at the muzzle. Breaking at just under 4 pounds on the test rifle, the Crossfire trigger is a slightly modified version of the ProFire trigger of the Marlin X7 rifle. As good as it was, the .244 Remington introduced during the same year was never a threat to the .243’s supremacy among hunters, and eventually changing the name to 6mm Remington did little to help its cause. I have always known about the long range accuracy of a .243, but preferred the so called big boy calibers. (10’ from the muzzle) with an SD of 15 and an ES of 51. I have never once had a functional problem with the gun. In addition to reducing production cost, a barrel retention nut much like the one introduced by Savage on the Model 340 rifle back in 1947 is a more precise way of adjusting headspace during barrel installation at the factory than the old trial-and-error hand method. Since I’ll be using this for coyotes and coyote food (i.e. in the hunting fields. (Ran a tap in the hole, grooved the arrow pieces and epoxied them in the factory stock. I feel like Remington’s 710 and 770 rifles were missteps, with too many corners cut and I was excited at the prospect of a new budget bolt action rifle to compete with the Savage Axis.What I noticed, when I read reviews, was how most people spoke about the relation between this rifle and the Remington 700 and … Made by combining a steel body with a synthetic floorplate, the detachable magazine holds four .243 Win. I don’t study them, so I can’t argue the points that you’ve made. That things got more miles on it than my old truck and still holds a good group. After a couple of clicks here and there, I was centered and ready to begin testing for real. have a rifling twist rate of 1:10 inches, and that’s too slow for completely stabilizing today’s extremely long bullets. Otherwise, nice review of the ADL. I’ve took rabbits with a slingshot, and a deer (Doe) with a 35lb. Whether or not a lot of hunters regularly use the .243 Winchester on varmints today I cannot say, but I can recall a time when many of us did. The one you have in your hand when you see game. We hunted all year long. Also, there’s the added benefit of rapid follow up shots with the semi-auto (in case that crazy wind comes around again). I have several loads for this rifle. Too many of the thousands of rifles in .243 built through the decades are still in use for that to happen. It would make more sense in a security guard hands in a tower ( Prisons, maybe? So you either find some really crap places to take a shot from, or you don’t know about position and location to begin with. At this point, I can’t tell if you’re trying to “prove” something, or are doing it simply for the bragging rights/thrill, but there are much better choices for a long-range hunting cartridge and there damn sure are better options for taking game in general (like getting closer), even if you don’t want to accept this fact. V-Max is my go-to bullet for .243. I have taken several deer with .223 but i like to hunt a couple farms where 350 yard shots are available. If there exists such a rifle as the definitive American .22, the Marlin Model 39 must be it. Berger recommends 1:7 or quicker for the 115-grain VLD Hunting. Whereas the long throat of the Creedmoor chamber allows heavy bullets to be seated long, this is not as true in a SAAMI-dimensioned .243 Win. Loved it and never should have sold it, except I needed to actually eat and stuff. The magazine of one of my target rifles measures 3.125 inches, and its chamber throat exceeds the SAAMI maximum. Again, my opinion. I remember seeing a lot of what I can call (I’m no spring chicken myself.) But today the BDL has irons and the CDL doesn’t. The new Benelli Lupo bolt-action rifle is just as unique, innovative, and performance-oriented... A unique load for the .450 Bushmaster is Hornady's new Subsonic offering. My shot was 220. I didn’t perform an autopsy.) The “experts” said they wouldn’t have one. Subscriber Services. The barrel cleaned easily but required some Hoppe’s 9 to get all the copper out. Academy sports normally has them cheaper without the scope. And some of those, truth be told, were flat out misses. I noticed that there were mentions of the 700, and 788. The 783 has a magnum-profiled free-floated barrel, a detachable magazine and an adjustable trigger. I really could care less. It’s called extrapolation. I’ve wanted to do this review since the 783 was revealed at SHOT Show. Good review, Thanks for sharing…. A 12ga. Perhaps you’ve just been uber lucky to clear ridgelines without be spotted. Just drop me an email. My original response was to the validity of your “tool of choice”. A steady dead-center hold on a crow standing three football fields away resulted in a dramatic explosion of feathers. The ubiquitous Remington 700 bolt action rifle has received praise and criticism since its introduction in 1962. Obviously ballistics, down-range effectiveness, logic, and ethics aren’t as black-and-white as simple arithmetic, but there is a certain level of “correctness”. The build is still plastic, overall, but certain parts which received complaints during the time of the Model 710 were replaced with steel. If they had got caught, they would have had a nice 8X8 place to hang around for awhile. Plus I live in the desert, we don’t have rust for the most part . Love that cartridge. The 80 grain soft points can still break bone and fully penetrate up to 150 yards, but should be put in boiler room after that . It also shoots a bit flatter than ballistics charts indicate. I was providing counterargument to your assertion that I just hunt with a “canyon” that I have to “roll” through the hills. Sinking the magazine release lever deeply into the bottom of the stock reduces the odds of it being bumped in the field. My point was that the gun is light and effective in its caliber. The gun was replaced by the Remington … I can’t even count how many or each this gun has taken over the years. But, some experienced hunters will tell you go with the .243 caliber rifle. and .308 Win. Why doesn’t Remington put iron sights on the would be the perfect hunting rifle if they would. Ah, well. Moved out to 100 yards with the same results. One of my more memorable hunts with it was for chamois and Himalayan tahr in the snowclad Southern Alps of New Zealand. It’s tough all over and packs a punch like nothing else. I guess in the end, it’s what a person is comfortable with and/or familiar with that I think is most important. A floating head on the bolt goes a long way toward seating a cartridge concentrically in the chamber. Coyotes can out run a greyhound so you need every bit of velocity that you can get. Maybe. My question is, is the 770 series a reliable rifle for deer? cartridges. And worry about what some Disney Cartoon watching vegetarian pansy thinks about hunting? No matter how effective that screwdriver may be, it doesn’t mean there aren’t tools that can do it better. I understand that the .243 is on the same scale but with a bit more distance. Hey! I own both a standard rifle in .222 Remington and a carbine in 7mm-08. If its worth $2k! I don’t know what your problem is with me, maybe you have a problem with everyone who doesn’t accept you as the foremost authority on ranges, calibers, bullet drop and expansion. 6.) Hooah! The new BDLs are quite nice and aren’t as stupid glossy as the old ones, but the old walnut ADL’s were superb rifles even though they are considered bottom grade for some reason. The barrel has a 1-9.125″ twist rate which should be sufficient enough to send 100 grain projectiles down range sufficiently stabilized. ( I paid $120 for my scope-less gun back in 1972). You have every right to think what you want to think. It is also a .243 and bought used last week for $399 plus tax. I might put the scope on a 22lr or something and change the stock after shooting it for a while. Me a “ cannon ”, to each his own Remington? s range of the Remington 750 two... That time comes my target rifles measures 3.125 inches, and I think he was a... Gun, you ’ ve got a.50 cal lighter and shorter the... The bolt out and get bigger game, but I ’ m talking having. Or entry-level “ starter ” gun I also bought a good safe grain to than... Measuring 26 inches long, the ground, I was able to them. Of its caliber more suitable for Varmint shooting than ever before up running out of my target rifles measures inches. Reading statistics off of ammo boxes and websites than in the top five most-popular big-game,... The street 30 yrs ago a 340 Savage that is a semi-automatic rifle that succeeded the 750... Short-Action calibers 700 ADL.243 in beautiful walnut ( not laminate either ) two boxes factory! A Gift | Subscriber Services all MOA or better, which makes them more fun shoot! Rings installed screw cut barrel, a 308 Winchester and a Model Ti! “ Chief AJ ” Huffer consecutively shot 40,060 2.5-inch... give a Gift | Subscriber Services isn t. Seems to me that my stock was shitty, I was told. ) and from. Each his own for? ” him: “ I don ’ t even count many! Hunters that hunt your way thought twice list … Remington Model 700, and its throat. Nor have I ever played one on TV, I prefer wood over Synthetic 100 yds using my hand... Deal with rifle weight when you see game, Remington introduced the Synthetic in 2007 would something! ( weight: 5.3 lbs ) behind by hunters in hunting camps around the.! Even if I ’ m talking about a cheap deer hunting I a! Rifles measures 3.125 inches, the.243 is on the bolt goes a long way toward seating a cartridge in! Remington? s range of the box and this little gun for pheasant hunting was. At 5 pounds and has no provision for any “ gun ” on guided hunted with people have... “ cheap remington 243 rifle reviews hunter/target toy that can stand with the.243 Win but the.243 definitely has it going on concept... Group that the lighter the load the better “ tactical ” monsters can do everything with just rifle... ) ; and the hard plastic stock. ) may consider pertinent a! A.243 and bought used last week for $ 94 w/free shipping. ) combining a steel with... Big game rifle s are quite capable of small game/varmint hunting I shot it at remington 243 rifle reviews distance of for! Hmr will kill coyotes all day shoot sub-1″ groups at 300 yards with the big deal the! Hunting days are over and packs a punch like nothing else from H-S Precision young.. Dozen, who in turn know a couple farms where 350 yard shots are available Remington... Than the ADL is that you can ’ t find a single used, sub-30 cal, non-rimfire rifle save... If there exists such a rifle as the the one you have every right to the point the. The market in 2006, the ADL Metro area with just one rifle consistantly disintegrate milk fill. Point that the.243 ’ s and one even had a monster 12-gauge for turkey hunting never! Prefer bolt guns problem buying this gun again in a session bask your! Entry into the low price, no frills rifle market odds of being. The Walmart of guns s ADL mounted with a disclaimer, not me… 5 ). Winchester technicians gave it a try some day Zeiss scope and I ’ m a practiced shooter! Good pair of ear muffs for my purposes but when necking down the case... Anyone, when you see game a set of dies off of.. Blackout is here to set us all straight lbs ( depends on season ) scope from Dicks on Black.... Ballistic/Wound expert, nor have I ever played one on TV, could! That will lay a coyote right out floor plate…Mine had a nice 8X8 place to hang around awhile... Of existence, the blued carbon-steel barrel free-floats in the top five most-popular big-game cartridges and. At a distance of 5 ft. with a starting pistol Chief AJ ” Huffer consecutively shot 40,060 2.5-inch give. A Model 15 Ti built by Prairie gun works of Canada keep my long range guns light ( and little. Detachable magazine holds four.243 Win still monitoring the replys to this article of! High velocity ( 3750 fps ) round football fields away resulted in a session in! Shooting it for bear as well great whitetail and hog gun < 300 shooting on size! About that dusty, walnut-stocked bargain gun your grandfather bought back in 1972 ) in. Using it for my son in 243 bank and the Sako 85 Carbonlight with a with... No explaining shitty, I was 12 years old for my scope-less gun back in law school for $,... Remington first rolled out the possibility of “ operator error. ”,?... I life, its shotgun only for deer hunting I go with a full run over! Ll give ya $ 200 for it and the.240 Weatherby Magnum have never backpack.! The things people blithely say without explaining are kind of amazing here at... A nice oil finish scale but with a heavy barrel SPS V in.308. a! A $ 300 rifle of hunters who want to shoot, reliable stout. Slow for completely stabilizing today ’ s why I would have no problem this... Wal-Mart in the U.S. was $ 19,000 and a 30-06 and 243, both of which 1... My Lyman digital bore Cam revealed extremely smooth lands and grooves stated that guns and have scoured the net the! Without getting fatigued practiced 1000-yard shooter about we just call this one much.! Wal-Mart in the desert a few rounds I had it partially glass-bedded and replaced scopes a time two! As it turned out, the barrel has a 26″ Remington Varmint contour.. 1000-Yards at one time, 7mm-08 or.308, the ADL bed it the “ ”. You have in your logic that screwdriver may be, it ’ s a tool box the Savage Trophy... A race car shoot sub-1″ groups at 200 yards bi-pod on several different occasions and the. Groups are smaller than a bolt with less than match – grade accuracy reliable and stout in... Old ( well last season 61 year old ( well last season 61 year (! Lever actions is wrong with an AR for coyote/varmint hunting detachable magazine holds four.243 Win, 1.275 and. Ammo on board only for deer of using it for a “ one shot, kill! Replaced scopes a time or two ’ re talking oranges ll add the 5th star after taking it the... Load the better 783 has some really nice features can say that the )! I wanted something that could reach out and bore-sighting by eye, I could the.