Prefers a soil with less organic material; extra pumice or perlite provides excellent drainage essential to these type of plants. In winter, suspend watering except once per month. They also tend to look brilliant in unusual containers or interesting soil mixes. Place the potted succulent in a bright area with some protection from the hottest rays of the day. Requires bright light to prevent “stretching” of the leaves. The leaves are also slightly wider, especially at the base of the plant. Haworthia mutica Haworthia nigra When it blooms, it is beautiful.It is a nice addition to your collection of plants especially if you have it displayed in a beautiful pot.. This page contains affiliate links. Haworthia, the adorable “polka-dotted” succulent, is one very easy to plant to care for. ... Haworthia care: Water and soil preferences. ... Haworthia Limifolia Var Striata Rare Succulent Live Plant LilyParadiseFlowers. They don't need much fuss or care and can even go many weeks without water if required. Very easy to care for and needing only reasonable light and a watering every once in a while. Water these plants sparingly. It obtained its name “limifolia” (File Leafed) from the distinctive, dark brownish-green leaves, with transverse ridges of raised, horny, tubercles which resemble those of a coarse file and give it such a distinctive appearance. Sale … They also tend to look brilliant in unusual containers or interesting soil mixes. Still, the ridges in this form are highlighted with a whitish coloring, making it one of the most ornamental of all the Haworthia s. Haworthia has no notable pests or diseases. It’s similar to the beloved aloe vera plant, but has a little more personality. Haworthiopsis limifolia var. Haworthia limifolia. Haworthia Limifolia) is a very variable, clump forming, stemless succulent. Haworthia limifolia, also known as Fairy Washboard, is a dwarf succulent plant from Southern Africa that strongly resembles its much bigger cousin, Aloe. General Care for Haworthia Limifolia ‘Fairy Washboard’ This succulent type is a rare one that blooms in the spring. splendens Haworthia marumiana outdoors. Haworthia limifolia care (aka fairy washboard succulent) Haworthia limifolia, also known as the fairy washboard succulent, has more subdued markings and larger leaves. Caring for Window Leaved Plants. Often considered synonymous with Haworthia attentuata. Haworthia limifolia grow and care – succulent of the genus Haworthiopsis also known as Haworthiopsis limifolia, Haworthia limifolia perennial evergreen used as ornamental plant and its drought tolerant, can grow in subtropics, mediterranean, tropics climate or indoor as houseplant and growing in hardiness zone 10+.. Haworthia limifolia leaves and flowers Description: Haworthia limifolia is a charming species, with large rosettes. ... Three different types of Haworthia Plants - H. limifolia, H. attenuata and H. tessellata. Haworthia is a small houseplant that looks fantastic in stylish containers. striata, is similar to Haworthiopsis limifolia var. Haworthia limifolia normal and variegated- this is one of the most ornamental species (photo on left by kniphofia); Haworthia longiana, one of the less 'Haworthia-like' species and one of the largest (gets up to 6" tall) Haworthia magnifica Haworthia magnifica var. Haworthia Limifolia Care Size and Growth. striata, formerly known as Haworthia limifolia var. Water weekly during the summer or once the top of the soil has dried out. Unlike other Haworthia plant varieties, the plant tends to grow quickly but remains small.It rarely grows bigger than four inches in diameter and more than a few inches tall. It features a rosette of triangular leaves with distinct ridges. Triangular leaves form rosettes that can grow up to 4 inches (10 cm) in diameter. limifolia with all the deep grooves and ridges.