Besides, a person who is well-read is good at writing as well. Read More. Reading is a priceless activity that gives people incomparable pleasure. They help build confidence. He was born on 31 October 1875 in Nadiad, Gujarat... 'Christmas' is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Jesus. Reading books offers numerous advantages. window._taboola = window._taboola || []; Ava on March 23, 2020: Thankyou, this hellped a lot seeing as Ive never written an essay on a book befor and whith the schools being shut down it s harder than usual to get in touch whith my teacher. Correct grammar and spelling mistakes. There are a great many benefits to be gained from reading books. You can add your own notes and live hyperlinks to personalise your eBook and make it more interactive. Your imagination power is enhanced through reading. They are always there by our side no matter where we go. Books are your best friend is rightly said as reading helps build up your confidence and uplifts your mood. Picking a book and reading is not enough, you’re reading strategies are the most important features that makes reading worthwhile. It goes without saying that the more books we read the more words we learn and this improves our vocabulary. Abdul Kalam' (264 Words), Short Essay on 'Mahatma Gandhi' (200 Words), Short Essay on 'Narendra Modi' (340 Words), Short Essay on 'Raksha Bandhan' or 'Rakhi' (100 Words), Short Essay on 'Indian Culture' (200 Words), Short Essay on 'My Favourite Animal' (100 Words), Short Essay on 'Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel' (175 Words), Short Essay on 'Conserve Water, Save Life' (200 Words), Short Essay on 'Dr. All he needs is a good book to give him company. Great things take some time . People look up to a person who is well read and well learned. Also books today are available in all sizes and on millions of topics. Books do not only kill boredom and enhance our knowledge and creativity they are also excellent when it comes to seeking advice. mode: 'thumbnails-rr', }); Copyright White Planet Technologies Pvt. If you are reading for an essay you will need to focus the reading around the essay question and may need to study a small area of the subject in great depth. Our friends may change or die, but our books are always patiently waiting to talk us. Reading good books has a positive impact on the personality. Jot down the essay question, make a note of any questions you have about it, and don't get side … Leanne . History books take us closer to our roots. Reading books can thus provide abundance of knowledge to a person and enlighten him. Books enhance our knowledge, expand our vision, and render the ability to look at things with different perspective, boost our creative power and do much more. He was born in Porebandar of Gujarat, India on 2 October 1869. /* India Celebrating_300*250_New */ A good book can change our life for good. Books hold immense importance in our life. We should choose the right kind of books. How to persuade someone to read a book? Fictional books acquaint us with numerous characters and put forward various situations. The reading of books will give us not only pleasure but an education. In order to do well in life and become a better person, we need to enhance our knowledge that in turn helps us become wiser. It is celebrated on 25th December every year. Having knowledge about different things and being wiser are two different things. Great articles and essays about the joys of reading. When books first originated there was not enough technology to have ebooks. If you are feeling bored because you have no one to talk to, read a book. The habit of reading a book is one of the best habits a person can inculcate. It actually has several positive impacts on your mental health and personality. Books are our best companions. We provide academic Assignment writing and Essay writing help services for almost all subjects at best costs. Reading takes us into a fantasy world and helps in boosting up our creativity. You just have to pick your favourite genre- religion, adventure, science, fiction, humor, history etc. It is the same as having a best friend. These can easily be carried on the go and can be read just anywhere. google_ad_slot = "1982849078"; This can play an important and positive role in determining our career choice. Paperback Vs Ebook Essay 1202 Words | 5 Pages. ", Short Essay on 'Dr. Reading your imagination and Creativity increases, It … //-->. Both fictional and non-fictional books have been written on various genres including science, astrology, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, history, culture, philosophy and technology. Thus, books are one of the best ways to expand our knowledge. Abdul Kalam' was 'Dr. google_ad_width = 300; An avid reader, a fashion junkie, nature lover, adventure freak and a travel enthusiast are some of the other terms that describe her. I try to reason by analyzing all the argument perspectives. Comment Report abuse. However, till the time we do not learn about a particular subject we wouldn’t be able to know whether it is of our interest or not. The book includes five sample essays on current affairs, history, philosophy, sociology, and literary studies. Some people think books are losing importance as a source of information and entertainment. The dog is a pet animal. It is thus highly recommended to read different kinds of books to grow wiser. Thus, books are certainly our best friends. Essay on My Favourite Book: Books are friends who never leave your side. People who inculcate the habit of reading books usually take library membership to ensure regular reading. Reading skills are essential to success in society today. target_type: 'mix' Boredom can never touch a person who develops reading habit. Reading about a particular subject gives us deep knowledge about it and also renders the wisdom to deal with anything related to it. They acquaint us with different places around the world from the eyes of the narrator. A person who loves reading books can never feel lonely or bored as books are always there for his rescue. placement: 'Right Rail Thumbnails', Here is how different genres of books help us in life: Travel books include the experience of different travellers. It is a good idea to read about different subjects in order to explore one’s interest. All in all, books bring out the best in us just like a friend who cares for us and wants to see us do well in life with all his heart. Here are more reasons that highlight the importance of reading books. One can pick the subject that interests him and expands his knowledge in the same besides enjoying the various other benefits it offers. They help give more meaning to our life. Review your essay, modify and reorganize the ideas to make it the best it can be. It falls on Purnima or ful... 'Indian culture' is the Mother of all cultures, be it art of living or apparently the rich knowledge of Science and Music. Books do not only help kill boredom and avoid feeling of loneliness but also render knowledge. Although paper books have their advantages the disadvantages seem to overwhelm in many cases. It is proven that in this technological society the demands for higher levels of literacy are creating unfavorable consequences for those who fall short. Through such experiences, a reader may hasten their success towards a goal since they might avoid similar mistakes made by other people. His father's name was Sarvepalli... Short Essay on 'Books & Reading' (200 Words). E-books, one of the newest electronic sources are becoming more and more talked about in debates dealing with readings. For example, the essay opens with Lamb quoting … Escape Essay Hell! Books do not only render knowledge about various subjects but also make us wiser. Readers often tend to become writers because reading activates that part of your brain that leads to coherent thought and expression. This is because reading is the most … Just like a best friend, such books guide us to follow the right path. Books offer abundance of knowledge. I reflect about what I have read. Many people choose a subject or two and read numerous books on them to learn about them in depth. Whenever we are faced with a tough situation, it is best to read such books to understand how to act wisely. If you are travelling alone, just grab a book to give you company. A.P.J. While some of these books help learn about the latest fashion and lifestyle trends others acquaint us with the fashion trends prevalent in different eras and in different places. the human body is of two thirds of w... 'Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan' was born on 5 September 1888 at a village near Thiruttani, India. Thus, we see that reading books offers numerous benefits. He was born on 17 September 1950 in Vadnagar, Mehsana district, Bomba... 'Raksha Bandhan' is a famous festival of Hindus. It is rightly said, “There is no friend as loyal as a book”. All th... My favourite animal is the dog. Others read books on different subjects to broaden their knowledge in general. Books are a blessing to the mankind. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-6070398767421094"; These books are a great source of entertainment. Full name of 'Dr. Various aspects of the same subject have been touched by way of these books. The same concept applies with maps. Books always remain by our side without demanding anything in return. We are able to see things from the perspective of the author as well as the characters. It is the most importan... Water is one of the natures precious gifts to mankind. Essay on The Importance of Reading 678 Words3 Pages Reading has at all times and in all ages been a source of knowledge, of happiness, of pleasure and even moral courage. In today's world with so much more to know and to learn and also the need for a conscious effort to conquer the divisive forces, the importance of reading has increased. Ever since we are kids, we have been encouraged to read, more textbooks, more workbooks. Short Essay on Importance of Reading Books – 2 Essays Category: Essays and Paragraphs On March 22, 2019 By Various Contributors Books are like a treasure, sometimes a treasure of knowledge, sometimes of learning new skills and sometimes of entertainment. There are many noble books on history, biography, philosophy, religion, travel and science which we ought to read. We have been lucky to have vast number of learned personalities who have shared their knowledge and wisdom by way of books. They give us the wisdom to deal with different situations in different ways. Books also help us explore our interest. I find this saying to be very true as books have always been there for me. Those who love travelling but are unable to do so because of some reason can go through these books to have a virtual experience of visiting different places. It has two ears, sharp teeth ... Full name of 'Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel' was Sardar Vallabhbhai Jhaverbhai Patel. Reading these is one of the best ways to enhance our knowledge. Ruskin calls books, "Kings' Treasures" -- treasuries filled, not with gold and silver and precious stones, but with riches much more valuable than these -- knowledge, noble thoughts and high ideals. Reading is great fun for many people, but it also … The more subjects we read the more we will understand, what really holds our interest. You will not feel lonely anymore. Reading books also improves our reading skills. People have their personal interests and liking. google_ad_height = 250; Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam'. Each and every aspect of different fields have been touched by different books. Reading gives us a new perspective about various things. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});